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Cómo jugar

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 Red Dog  Casino Lux  
Red Dog
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Cómo jugar

Place an initial wager in Bet spot on table and click Deal. Dealer draws two cards face up. One of three outcomes will result:

  • If consecutive in value, the hand is a tie and the wager is a push.
  • If a pair, Dealer draws a third card. If 3rd card makes 3-of-a-Kind, wager pays 11 to 1, otherwise it's a push.
  • If neither consecutive nor a pair, they establish a spread. Player has option to Double the initial wager, or Raise an amount up to the initial wager or Stand on the initial wager. Dealer draws 3rd card.
    • Player wins on a 3rd card in between the first two, total wager (bet and double/raise) pay according to the spread.

Deck Selector: Slide the Number of Decks indicator up or down to change the number of decks used in the next hand.

History Board: Records the cards drawn in recent hands, with current hand at bottom.

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